Tenaris launches video tutorials led by its field experts for running TenarisHydril connections

Tenaris has launched a new series of video tutorials to share technical knowledge and guide customers on recommended handling and running of TenarisHydril premium connections, led by its experts in the field.

The online tutorials are designed to be easy to use and accessible, offering guidelines on the use of Tenaris products such as its TenarisHydril premium connections. The tutorials are an additional resource for well design and drilling engineers, company men, drilling crews and TRS Companies (Tubular Running Services). 

Each tutorial, ranging 2-15 minutes in duration, is taught by a Tenaris expert in the field who in addition to providing general instruction, also offers tips and lessons learned during real well running experiences. Users also have the opportunity to engage with a Tenaris field service specialist.

“We wanted to showcase that we have a specialized and certified team around the world to assist our customers and the importance to follow the correct practices described in our Tenaris Running Manual,” said Cesar Gutierrez, Supply Chain Field Services Director for Tenaris. “The videos help guide the correct handling and installation of our products to ensure the integrity of the wells, as well as provide tips to specifically run certain connections or use them in different applications. In addition, we wanted to have an online platform where customers or any person interested in our products and services could reach out to any of us for comments, questions or feedback.”

The format allows viewers to watch the videos online and offline, using their computer, tablet or phone.  Users can also sign up for new tutorials, and valuable information to support well integrity, alerting that a new video is available.

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