Tenaris partners to transform facility in Ghana into COVID-19 treatment center

Tenaris, through a joint venture with Tenaris Ghana Limited and Amaja Oilfield Limited, known as Amaja Tubular Services (ATSL), has recently completed the transformation of a community health services facility to treat COVID-19 patients in the rural community of Ewusiejo, in the Ahanta West Municipality.

The joint venture, ATSL, has operations in Ahanta West Municipality where the health directorate is facing challenges in providing health care to the community of 100,000 while managing the ongoing pandemic with a 12-bed capacity facility to treat COVID-19 patients.

“We made a plan to intervene in the Ewusiejo facility, which was empty and non-operative, to adequately equip it with the necessary infrastructure, converting it into a COVID-19 treatment facility,” said Anice Awo, ATSL Human Resources representative.

The project consisted of performing civil works to establish a water source to supply the facility, as well adding a 3,000-liter storage tank.  The 220 square meter facility was also remodeled to convert rooms into wards equipped with beds, setting up a kitchen and storage room, as well as transforming an open space into an outpatient area for health personnel.

We really appreciate the support ATSL has given us, and we pledge our full support and commitment to help maintain and adequately equip this health center to be able to assist our community,’’ said Ewusiejo Community Chief Nana Boaeza.

With the renovation completed, the Ahanta West Municipality Community Compound-based Health Planning Services has nearly doubled its capacity to treat patients by an additional 8 to 10.  

Timothy Ofori, the Ahanta West Municipal Health Director, expressed his gratitude for the unexpected level of support to the community. ATSL plans to adopt the facility to support its continued operations, post pandemic.

“Tenaris in Ghana, through ATSL, is fully committed to support the region. COVID -19 exposed an urgent need to invest in health infrastructure in the municipality,” said Juan Juanicotena, Tenaris Senior Commercial Director over the Sub- Saharan African region.

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