Tenaris’s Technical Gene program introduces students to the industrial world in Brazil

The first job is an important step in everyone´s life. Preparedness can turn that experience into a great developmental opportunity. Tenaris is bringing schools closer to the industrial environment in Brazil through the Technical Gene program, one of its main global educational initiatives.

Just 17 years old, João Pedro Nascimento Barbosa is the perfect embodiment of the goals of the program. After completing High School, he got a job as technical designer at a company that is currently updating the automation laboratory at Confab, Tenaris’s welded pipe mill in Brazil.

“I’ve started my professional career doing what I like, developing what has always caught my attention: technical design. Technical Gene has been a giant opportunity to grow on a personal level and to access great technical content. I owe my first job to the Technical Gene program”, said João Pedro.

While participating in the program, João Pedro was one of the best performing students in robotics training, an area where technology and Industry 4.0 skills are developed. “I have always been interested in this area. I will certainly continue my studies in engineering to learn more about automation and robotics”, he said.

Technical Gene aims at strengthening technical education through improved school infrastructure, teacher training and enhanced development opportunities for high school students, such as technological projects and internships. In Brazil, Tenaris started implementing this program back in 2014 in partnership with ETEC João Gomes de Araújo High School, located in Pindamonhangaba, SP. To date, more than 170 students have participated in internships in real industrial environments.

“At Tenaris we are convinced of the impact of education on young people's lives. That’s why we invest in educational initiatives focused on technical education, contributing to the professional training of the new generations in our communities”, said Luiz Henrique Marcondes, Human Resources Director at Tenaris in Brazil.

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