Tenaris supplies full package of coated pipes and ancillary services for Total’s Ikike project

Tenaris has delivered its final shipment of coated pipes for Total’s ultra-fast track Ikike Project, located approximately 20km offshore the Nigerian Coast, in the Gulf of Guinea.

Leveraging its global manufacturing network and its broad experience managing key subcontractors, Tenaris was able to produce and deliver, on time, coated pipes and accessories for the complex project.

The scope included 28 kilometers of 12” seamless line pipe, produced at Tenaris’s Dalmine plant in Italy, associated coating solutions for anticorrosion (3LPE), thermal insulation coating, TenCoatTM Marine 5LSynt, and concrete weight coating (CWC) performed by Pipe Coaters Nigeria, (PCN is the coating joint venture managed by Tenaris since 2011). Additional services included bends with anticorrosion and thermal insulation coating (IMPP - Injection Molded Polypropylene) performed by EU subcontractors, under Tenaris’s supervision.

Ikike presented several challenges both from execution and technical perspectives. It had a tight lead time from order to delivery, July to November, making it an ultra-fast track project, particularly critical considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the application of the CWC coating over the 5LSynt thermal insulation solution was an important milestone considering it had never been done before in Africa, and only in a few cases worldwide. For the undertaking, PCN had to undergo a complex qualification phase complying with stringent requirements, with very low tolerances.

In addition to the high complexity of the project, the production started in Italy and Nigeria at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and when the two countries were in lockdown.

“We managed dedicated actions to prioritize this challenging project and succeeded in delivering all the materials on schedule thanks to the integration of the different productive components of our global organization,” recalls Carlos Leite, Tenaris West Line Pipe Senior Director. “Integration and deeply-rooted project management capabilities were Tenaris’s strong points to successfully manage and deliver such a complex project during a difficult period. The collaboration with Total for the duration of the project, from order to execution, along with Total’s representative’s high reactivity, have also been key factors for the success of the job.”

“I would like to thank Tenaris and PCN Management, their Nigerian content partner Yulong for successfully supporting Total and DELTATEK/NETCO (Main contractor SURF package) in the development of our Ikike Project via their integrated approach, despite the difficult times in our world today”, said Rémi Emmanuel, SURF Package Manager Total.

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