Tenaris to donate 1,800 pipes for environmental and species conservation in Argentina

Tenaris is strengthening its partnership with Fundación Rewilding Argentina through a two-year agreement aimed at supporting environmental conservation projects in the provinces of Corrientes, Chaco, Chubut and Santa Cruz.

As part of the collaboration, Tenaris will donate a total of 1,800 steel pipes -more than 17km- to be used in the construction of fences, corrals, cages, aviaries, bridges and piers, among other resources that the foundation uses for activities related to restoring natural ecosystems and protecting threatened and endangered species such as the jaguar, giant otter, ocelots, macaws and other kind of birds.

“This is an important project, aligned with our longstanding vision of helping our communities grow and prosper, and to respect and preserve the environment for a healthy ecosystem," said Javier Martínez Álvarez, Tenaris President, Southern Cone.

Tenaris’s pipes are made of steel, a 100% recyclable material. Every time it’s melted down to be reused or create new applications, its properties remain unchanged. 82% of the steel produced by Tenaris comes from recycled material.

Rewilding Argentina, established in 2010, is a foundation created to reverse the crisis of species extinction and the resulting environmental degradation, to restore the functioning of ecosystems and to promote the wellbeing of local communities.

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