Tenaris to expand its automotive component center in China

Tenaris’s continuous growth in the Chinese airbag market is making another major step with the recent approval of a USD 11 million investment to increase its automotive component center capacity in Qingdao, with the installation of an additional new line dedicated to airbag inflator components.

“With this investment we are strengthening our position to effectively respond to the quickly growing demand for Chinese airbag inflators and to ensure full support for our customers in the Asia Pacific region,” said Li Wang Valen, Tenaris Automotive Sales Manager in China. “Tenaris’s local industrial presence, with its manufacturing center in Qingdao and leveraging our global, vertically integrated system, is key to reduce lead times, add local content and give more flexibility to follow OEMs’[Original Equipment Manufacturer] demand.”

Since 2004, Tenaris has built a network of automotive component centers in China, Romania, Argentina, Mexico and Italy, offering a wide range of reliable, high-quality products and services to customers around the world.

This investment is part of its worldwide component centers reinforcement performed during the last two years, from the 5.5 million USD investment in Romania for its European one-of-a-kind airbag components line to the 3.5 million USD investment for the expansion of its component center in Argentina.

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