Tenaris to provide Petrobras with tubular solutions for the Pre-salt Mero 3 field

Tenaris has been awarded the supply of a complete package of products, technologies and services for the Libra offshore exploratory block - renamed Mero 3 - in the Pre-salt, one of the largest oil discoveries in deep waters in the world.

The supply encompasses seamless casing in high collapse and sour service steel grades plus Chrome 13 alloys and TenarisHydril Blue® Heavy Wall, Blue® Max, Wedge 513® and Wedge 623® premium connections, all with the environmental-friendly Dopeless® technology. With Dopeless® technology, connections are supplied RunReady™ and there is no need for the application of running or storage compounds, simplifying handling and yard operations. 

The pipe supply will be complemented with Rig Direct® services, whereby Tenaris will supply these products, supporting the customer from mill to well, including accessories and a wide range of ancillary services plus the customer’s adoption of the pipe-by-pipe identification app PipeTracer®.

According to Renato Catallini, Tenaris President in Brazil, “The scope of this contract is a perfect example of Tenaris' strength and differentiation: the ability to vertically integrate our vast portfolio, from high-end products and technologies focused on safety and the environment to innovative Rig Direct® services; combined with our global and local industrial footprint to support our customers end-to-end, anywhere, anytime. Our goal is to generate real value for Petrobras' operations in the Pre-salt, one of the most challenging exploration frontiers.”

Tenaris’s complete tubular solution will support the exploitation of Mero 3 field, in the Santos Basin, whose reservoir is located 13,123 ft below the seabed. The total depth, including the water depth, is 19,356 ft. Mero’s estimated total recoverable volume is 3.3 billion barrels of oil and the field is operated through a consortium formed by Petrobras, which is the field operator, partnered by Shell, Total, CNOOC and CNPC.

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