Tenaris US president visits plants in the Northeast as company expands ramp up

Tenaris is pushing ahead with plans to increase its operations across the US, bringing its facilities in the Northeast back online. With the ongoing expansion, Tenaris is working to boost its employee base in the States by about 1,000.

Tenaris US President Luca Zanotti has toured the company’s Pennsylvania facilities this week, addressed employees at its Koppel melt shop and Ambridge seamless pipe mill, informing teams of the company’s plans to grow its workforce and restart activity at the two plants.

“There are encouraging trends in the market from increases in production and oil prices to total demand. While taking a cautious approach, this presents an opportunity for us to power up our footprint to supply customers through a reliable, domestic value chain,” said Zanotti. “Our plants in the Northeast remain central to this strategy.”

The plant in Koppel – Tenaris’s first domestic steel shop – is finalizing an investment announced in 2020 to upgrade its steel bar size capabilities, while also incorporating additional improvements in safety and automation. Tenaris has since increased its investment to include new cranes, the revamping of existing cranes used to feed the furnace with scrap metal, and also a new production management system to improve the process control at the steel shop. The betterments, now totaling more than $15M, are projected to be completed in May with production to start up in June. 

Tenaris’s Ambridge seamless mill is slated to come back online late summer following a period of temporary suspension due to the depressed market conditions. 

In addition to the approximate 250 recalls and new hires planned for Koppel and Ambridge, Tenaris has been expanding its teams at its Texas facilities -Bay City, Houston, and Conroe - as well as its plant in Hickman, AR, and in total will have expanded its US workforce by about 1,000 in the coming months.

The growing demand for Tenaris products and its aim to serve customers with an effective, direct local and regional supply chains has been driving the company’s move to bring hundreds of new employees onboard.

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