Tenaris technical support reduces drilling time for Canadian operator

Tenaris has helped an independent Canadian operator reduce its drilling time by four days and costs by 25% after running the TenarisHydril Wedge 625® connection in Canada’s Montney formation.

When Tenaris’s technical team conducted a review of the drilling environment, they discovered a need for sour service steel grades with semi-premium connections. Tenaris suggested an enhanced T95-ICY and TN110-SS casing with TXP® BTC connections for the 200 mm diameter well.

After discussing possible solutions for well optimization, Tenaris provided a maximum clearance high-strength alternative in TenarisHydril Wedge 625®, as the ideal solution for a smaller bit size hole. The semi-flush premium connection paired with the smaller drill bit allowed the operator to reduce its well diameter from 200 mm to 171 mm and ultimately to drill the well in 17 days – four days less than originally calculated with threaded and coupled connections. This important reduction contributed to a 25% cost savings compared to the company’s forecast, according to the operators’s CEO.

Tenaris is now exploring the use of the Wedge 441™ connection - a slim-line, threaded and coupled connection from the new Wedge 400 Series line - for further casing design optimization in future wells. This semi-premium connection complies with all of the specifications of the Wedge 625®connection, without the metal-to-metal seal, which is not needed in this environment.

“One of the best ways we can partner with our customers – both big and small – is through our technical support, recognizing their specific needs and identifying the best solution from our product portfolio,” Shellie Clark, Vice President Commercial – Canada, said. “We always look for opportunities to optimize our customers’ operations, and in this case, the Wedge 441™ connection is tailored to their needs.”

Tenaris produced this pipe and connection in Canada at the seamless facility in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

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