Volunteers lend a hand to restore and preserve protected wetlands in Argentina

More than 90 employees of Tenaris in Argentina -joined by their family and friends- volunteered to carry out renovation work for the national park "Ciervo de los Pantanos" in Campana, Buenos Aires. The protected area was established in 2018 to preserve the wetland ecosystem of the region. Its name refers to the biggest mammal found in the area, the Blastocerus dichotomus, the largest of the cervids in South America. 

More than 1,250 bollards made from steel pipes and thread protectors donated by Tenaris were placed on the main trails to delimit the national park’s paths.

In addition, 30 native trees were planted in a new picnic area to help restore degraded environments due to the advancement of invasive foreign species. Volunteers also completed the assembly of 12 solar lights, wayfinding signage on trails and recreation areas, and painted exterior buildings.

“The care of these natural spaces is so important for our community and future generations. Also, institutions such as the national park play a key role in promoting a local ecotourism circuit that creates jobs and economic opportunities," said Javier Martínez Álvarez, president for Tenaris Southern Cone, and volunteer for the renovation work.

Tenaris supports different projects for the preservation of natural ecosystems, such as the one carried out by Fundación Rewilding Argentina, recognized by National Geographic in 2020. The company also donates reclycled material and promotes the conservation of native forests through an agreement with the NGO Fundación Banco de Bosques, among other sustainability projects.

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Tenaris employees help restore wetlands in Argentina

Tenaris employees help restore wetlands in Argentina

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