Tenaris experts introduce low carbon solutions to support Africa’s strategy for the energy transition

Tenaris team at SPE Symposium in Lagos Tenaris

Tenaris recently participated in the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Lagos Section’s Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition, themed “Energy transition in Africa: a strategic pathway to net-zero,” presenting to stakeholders of the energy sector its expertise and solutions portfolio to contribute to the energy transition.

As explained by Rosario Osobase, head of commercial and institutional relations, “statistics indicate more than 600 million people across the African continent have no access to electricity.  The population growth across its many countries and the related increase in demand for energy, underscores a pressing need for the sustainable development of resources.”

And in response to this growing need to close the energy gap, the Nigerian government declared this next decade as a Decade of Gas, targeting a transition to a cleaner alternative gas-powered economy by 2030 as Nigeria’s approach to the energy transition.

During the symposium, Tenaris detailed its contribution to this transition to gas in Africa, having sold 13.2 million feet of pipe for gas applications in the past three years and with its field services experts supporting 3,200 operations across 58 countries, serving major operators and national oil companies worldwide.

“Tenaris fully endorses Africa’s transition to gas, and we are already supporting major gas developments in the region, with proprietary connections against gas leakage, Dopeless® technology for environment and running efficiency, and a package of digital services to streamline the supply chain. Leveraging our experience and know-how on material selection and gas sealability, we are also ready to introduce our tested products for hydrogen and CCS, and accompany Nigeria throughout its path to energy transition,” added Erica Gibellini, technical sales engineer.

Despite a focus on natural gas as a more sustainable and equitable pathway to net zero, the continent still requires a combination of other renewable sources of energy to close the energy gap. Tenaris experts had the opportunity at the seminar to introduce its low carbon energy product portfolio, focusing on hydrogen production, transportation, and storage, carbon capture and storage operations, and geothermal developments.

To learn more about Tenaris advanced product portfolio for energy transition, clink HERE.  

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