From the shop floor to the rig, Tenaris field services specialist leverages education to track growth path

Lucas Silva, Field Services Representative. Tenaris

Proactive and determined. This is how co-workers describe Lucas Silva. Proudly born and raised in Brazil, Silva started working in Confab, Tenaris’s welded pipe mill in Pindamonhangaba, as an operator in the steel control area in 2007. At that time, he was only 19 years old and could not have imagined the path he would follow. Today, Alemão (“the German” in Portuguese), as he is called by his colleagues, is part of the field services team and has worked on both offshore and onshore projects, assisting customers from major oil and gas companies at their drilling sites on how to run Tenaris pipes.

“When I first entered the company, I was just a young worker wanting to make my dreams come true. Tenaris was my first job. From the beginning, I faced all my activities with the same focus and commitment towards excellence. This helped me greatly throughout my years at the mill,” says Silva. Two years after joining the company, Silva started working as a crane operator and, throughout the following years, he had different roles at the mill, such as inventory controller, process inspector and quality inspector.

Having completed various training courses and a certification process with oil company Tecpetrol in Neuquén, Argentina, Silva assures education played an essential role in his career transition from the shop floor to what he calls the heart of the energy industry. After earning his engineering degree, he invested in an MBA in People Management and Leadership at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), which has helped him develop a more complete view of processes and the ability to anticipate problems.

“I really enjoy how challenging my current job is. At the rig, we are in direct contact with the customer. Both offshore and onshore, running our pipes is usually the last step of a long process that starts with the purchase of raw material, receiving a customer order, receiving the steel to manufacture the pipes, etc. There are many steps and I have been involved in each early on in my career. Those experiences have been key in my professional and personal development. I have always prepared myself for opportunities with a lot of dedication, resilience, honesty and patience. And, of course, no one achieves anything alone. I’ve had the privilege of having great co-workers and managers who taught me a lot,” he says.

Lucas and his family. Tenaris

Father of 10-year-old Isadora, Silva stresses the importance of never giving up on one’s dreams. “Work hard and dream big. With humility, dedication, wisdom, responsibility, and patience, when the time is right, everything works out! If you’ve tried to open a door and it didn't open, it's probably because it's not yours. So, learn to wait,” he says.

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