How Tenaris is supporting at-risk youth in Argentina finish school through recycling

Cardboard donated by Tenaris Campana, Argentina

Tenaris in Argentina has donated over 24,000 lbs of cardboard to the non-profit organization, Fundación Reciduca, to promote environmental care and support at-risk youth finish their secondary education and enter the workforce.

Under the partnership, which started in June of 2021, Tenaris donates cardboard generated at its mill in Campana, in the province of Buenos Aires, to Reciduca, which manages the recycling of the cardboard. Funds raised from its sale are used to back student scholarships and encourage the students to complete their studies, while teaching the young generations to care for the environment.

"Initiatives like these allow us to contribute on a bigger scale beyond the recycling and repurposing of materials."

Berenice Sandoval, environment leader at Tenaris

“We are committed to developing long-term sustainable operations, and initiatives like these allow us to contribute on a bigger scale beyond the recycling and repurposing of materials, but to work with strategic partners to extend opportunities to students making the transition from pupil to young professional; this has a concrete, positive impact,” said Berenice Sandoval, environment leader at Tenaris.

In 2021, Tenaris’s contribution of donated cardboard alone helped fund 495 new scholarships to help the students finish the last two years of high school. The scholarships include school support, workshops on personal development, intensive job trainings and the opportunity for students to complete their studies with internships.

Tenaris has also partnered with Fundación Banco de Bosques, a non-profit organization that helps save endangered native forests, for the donation of PET plastic containers. During 2021, Tenaris Argentina donated over 1,000lbs of plastic bottles that were reused and put back into the production circuit, generating resources that were used in the conservation forests in northwestern Argentina.

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