Tenaris awards 401 Roberto Rocca scholarships to students in Argentina

401 students from different communities in Argentina received the Roberto Rocca Scholarships. Tenaris

A total of 401 students from different communities in Argentina received the Roberto Rocca Scholarships from Tenaris and the Hermanos Agustín and Enrique Rocca Foundation, celebrating their effort, dedication and excellence in education.

The scholarships represent an investment of $40 million from Tenaris to help students advance their academic journey.

Paolo Rocca, Tenaris CEO. Tenaris

“I want to congratulate the students, families, teachers and administrators for their efforts during these difficult years. Education is a fundamental component for individual growth and for the growth of society; it allows us to open horizons, interpret the world and project ourselves in a different way”, stated Paolo Rocca, Tenaris CEO, during the award ceremony held at at the Roberto Rocca Technical School (ETRR) in Campana, Argentina, home to the company’s seamless mill.

Students are selected based on academic achievements, economic need, leadership potential and community commitment. The scholarships consider the academic performance of the students, and for high school level awards, since 2021, criteria such as the socioeconomic situation of the family is also factored in to promote equal opportunities.

The Roberto Rocca Scholarship program has a long history at the Techint Group, which includes Tenaris. It was implemented in 1976 in Argentina to recognize and support the sons and daughters of its employees. In 2005 the scholarship was opened to all students from the communities where Tenaris has a presence and is currently implemented in 18 countries.

Learn more about Tenaris’s commitment to education here.

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