Tenaris awards more than $300K in scholarships across the U.S.

Bay City, TX 15 Matagorda County High School seniors receive Tenaris scholarships

Tenaris has awarded 57 high school students across the United States scholarships totaling $303,000.

Tenaris’s community focus centers around education, having established programs and scholarships in the communities where it operates to extend and advance learning opportunities.

Over the past two weeks, Tenaris has awarded scholarships to high performing graduating seniors across its communities in Bay City and Midland, TX; Amber, OK; and Blytheville, AR.  This includes the company’s oldest community program, the Merit Awards, rewarding students with strong academic performance and who are pursuing degrees in STEM-fields, and the Student of the Year scholarship, recognizing students with extraordinary work inside the classroom and in the community.

Blytheville, AR Tenaris awards 32 students in Blytheville, AR, scholarships

Tenaris awarded five graduating seniors from Midland, TX area high schools and five seniors from Amber-Pocasset, OK, with Merit Awards. In Blytheville, AR, 32 area high school seniors were awarded scholarships, 31 Merit Awards and one Student of the Year, for a total of $82,000.

Midland, TX Tenaris Merit Award recipients in Midland, TX

In Matagorda County, TX, 15 high school seniors were awarded with scholarships totaling $196,000 to support the next chapter of their academic journey. 

The students and their families gathered at Tenaris’s Bay City, TX, facility, for the awards ceremony that included the presentation of one Student of the Year scholarship worth $60,000, six Merit Awards at $20,000 each, as well as eight runners-up scholarships ranging from $1,000-$3,000. 

“I look forward to this event every year for what it represents, growth of future leaders. These students are being honored for going that extra mile, whether it’s in school, extracurricular activities or out in the community, they aim high. They embody the learning and competitive spirit that we at Tenaris value,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris US President. 

Across the US, Tenaris has invested more than $7 million in education-based programs since 2010.

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Amber-Pocasset, OK High School seniors from Amber-Pocasset, OK, are presented Tenaris Merit Awards

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