Tenaris celebrates Education Day, carrying on Roberto Rocca’s legacy

Paolo Rocca, CEO de Tenaris Tenaris

To continue strengthening Roberto Rocca’s legacy and values, June 10 was established as Roberto Rocca Education Day for the companies of Techint Group. The goal of this special date is to reflect on the current educational context, while sharing innovative practices and trends for the design of new teaching methods.

Today, the Roberto Rocca Technical Schools Network held celebrations at its Schools in Campana, Argentina, and in Monterrey, Mexico. At the same time, communities from other countries where the company has similar programs (Veracruz, Mexico; Santa Cruz and Pindamonhangaba in Brazil) joined with online or in-person activities.  

“Roberto Rocca was convinced that education is an essential tool for the development of people and for social mobility,” said Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris, at the event held in Campana.

Paolo Rocca, CEO de Tenaris, with students from Roberto Rocca's Technical School in Campana Tenaris

“Tenaris has the goal of keeping a very strong bond with its community, followed by the conviction that education is the most important pillar for development in our communities,” added Javier Martínez Álvarez, Tenaris President for the South Cone.

During the events, Tenaris's educational programs -such as the Technical School itself, the Technical Gene, the Merit Scholarships and the Extra Class- have been renamed, starting in June 2022, Roberto Rocca Educational Programs, creating a shared identity that connects them to the Techint Group of Companies.  

“Our responsibility is to work together to improve public education and create equal opportunities for all. We want merit to depend on individual capabilities and not on one’s socioeconomic background. It is important for us to have diversity within the students from our educational institutions; to ensure anyone can access a high-quality education,” said Rocca at the end of his speech.

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