Tenaris, DNV advance discussions on design and operation of hydrogen pipelines

DNV, the world’s leading certification body, released in its latest energy transition outlook, that hydrogen will gain momentum over time in the sector’s pathway to net zero.

The report highlights hydrogen as essential for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors like high-heat processes in manufacturing, maritime transport and aviation.

Demand for hydrogen as an energy carrier will rocket upwards from negligible levels today to well over 250 MtH2 per year by 2050.  The projected widescale hydrogen economy will require new or repurposed pipeline infrastructure, coupling with renewables and the electricity grid. For this reason, DNV launched in 2021 the H2Pipe Joint Industry Project (JIP), with the aim of developing a guideline for safe and reliable design, re-qualification, construction and operation of pipelines intended for the transportation of hydrogen gas.

Tenaris hosted the JIP participants at its Dalmine, Italy, facility to review the current status of the JIP Phase 1, and agreed to its second phase, which will start at the beginning of 2023.

Tenaris Pipeline Technology Senior Director, and nominated Chairman of the DNV H2Pipe JIP Philippe Darcis, was pleased to welcome the more than 30 JIP participants, from different continents, representing various areas of the Energy sector. “This meeting has been key to openly discuss industry concerns and priorities about hydrogen transport and agree on a common vision for developing robust guidelines for hydrogen pipelines. We are supporting this international initiative through our decades of research and development in demanding fields, and expertise in materials technology.”

H2Pipe Phase 2 will encompass different tasks, including a comprehensive experimental test program to enhance the understanding of the governing hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms and how hydrogen affects the integrity of line pipe material. The results from this second phase will be utilized to further develop guidelines and recommended practices, ensuring that the design and material requirements do not compromise the pipeline integrity and safety, and further enables a cost-effective design.


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