Tenaris hosts HyLINE JIP to hone in on materials integrity for hydrogen transport pipelines

HyLINE JIP members hosted in Dalmine mill, Italy Tenaris

Tenaris hosted members of the HyLINE joint industrial research project at its facility in Dalmine, Italy, to share the latest results from studies on the nano-macro scale effects of hydrogen and quantifying its effects on material performance and structural integrity.

HyLINE is a five-year-project, launched in 2019 by SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Kyushu University, that aims to address material challenges related to the transport of clean hydrogen gas in existing Norwegian subsea pipeline network currently used for natural gas transport as well as new pipeline infrastructure.

Tenaris joins leading industrial partners such as Gassco, Equinor, TechnipFMC, NEL, TotalEnergies and AirLiquide, in contributing to the initiative, which is also receiving funding from the Research Council of Norway, and that is regarded as an important step in advancing the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.  

“Tenaris’s line pipe technology team is supporting this project by sharing their solid knowledge and providing new generation materials to be tested under hydrogen environments. This is giving a strong contribution to answer  questions related to the construction of future large-scale transport pipelines for hydrogen gas,” said Vigdis Olden, senior research scientist at SINTEF.

A key aspect under micro and macro testing is the susceptibility of the material to hydrogen embrittlement and the correlation with the material’s microstructure. Further studies will generate a greater understanding of the effects of hydrogen not only on line pipe material but also on girth welding.  

“Backed by an established high-end product line, solid technical expertise and R&D know-how, Tenaris is committed to play a significant role in the hydrogen evolution. We’re providing the latest generation of our products to be tested for HyLINE in environments with pressures up to 200 bar and 100% pure hydrogen gas to develop ready-to-use solutions for this application. This will contribute to enabling the safe and efficient transportation of hydrogen,” highlights Mihaela Cristea, Tenaris line pipe product manager, who is leading the project.


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