Tenaris invests USD 172,000 to strengthen Technical Gene program in Colombia

Tenaris is strengthening the Technical Gene program in Colombia, with an investment to improve the infrastructure at Bertha Suttner Technical High School in Cartagena. The investment also contemplates new courses that aim to reinforce students’ theoretical and practical knowledge by offering sessions with specialized industrial machinery, enabling them to gain real-life experience using industrial equipment and workbenches.

Tenaris’s global Technical Gene program offers high school students from local communities around the world specialized training in industry 4.0 with opportunities to participate in industrial internships and technological projects.

In Colombia, the program’s team refurbished three classrooms, acquired 26 laptops for the systems room, and two workbenches for workshop practices: one for specialized work in the area of pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and hydraulics, and the other for electromechanical training. 

"When I used new machinery for the first time, I knew straight away that this was what I wanted to do! Our training is now far more complete because we can put what we learn into practice," says Jose Angel Villa, an 11th grade student in Industrial Mechanics at Bertha Suttner Technical High School.

Students in the educational programs developed by Technical Gene can train their skills in three areas: Industrial Electricity, Industrial Mechanics and Environmental Monitoring, with twenty hours per week.

"This training will help them become the best candidates for industrial companies,” says Roberto Varela, Executive Director of the TenarisTuboCaribe Foundation.  “This is a 360-degree approach to training that puts their lessons into practice, simulating an environment like our mills.”

Industrial companies and non-profit foundations in Cartagena were invited to the investment’s launch event as a networking opportunity to build bridges and create employment opportunities for the next generation of technicians.

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