Tenaris makes a donation to aid pediatric hospitals in Ukraine

To help with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Tenaris is supporting Fondazione Rava, an Italian organization focused on helping pediatric hospitals in Ukraine. Tenaris is donating 200,000 euros (218,000 USD) to this foundation.

To coordinate the support to the pediatric hospitals, Fondazione Rava is working with their local volunteer, Dr. Oleg Bodnar, pediatric surgeon, and head of the surgery department of the Bukovinian University Pediatric Hospital in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

With trucks travelling everyday into Ukraine with medicines, emergency kits and medical equipment, the Fondazione uses these goods to treat wounded children, but also civilians and soldiers. 

“There is an enormous need for medical equipment and medical products for the hospitals that are sustaining damage stemming from the daily shelling and for those facilities that are receiving an increasing number of casualties. Hospital pharmacies are running out of stock,” explains Mariavittoria Rava, President of Fondazione Rava.

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