Tenaris raises sustainable pledge with worldsteel charter signing

For the fifth time, Tenaris is reaffirming its commitment to the sustainable principles for steel production by signing worldsteel’s newest Sustainable Development Charter.

The sustainable transformation of the steel industry requires concerted commitment and action from the sector. Worldsteel aims to advance this objective through its charter, encouraging greater, consistent action of nine foundational principles.  The first charter was issued in 2009 and re-issued in 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2022. Tenaris has signed all five charters, strengthening its pledge to contribute the advancement of the industry through its work on: innovation and prosperity; climate action; circular economy; environmental care; safety and health; people; local communities; responsible value chains and ethical and transparent operations.

Charter criteria will include reporting of data on safety, carbon emissions, energy consumption, air, and water quality. It also includes having policies and systems in place on community engagement and investment, supply chain management and Human Resources, among others. The Sustainability Development Charter, signed by 39 worldsteel members, recognizes organizations that proactively embrace these principles.

“We are pleased to be a worldsteel Sustainable Development Charter member and we look forward to contributing further to the industry’s efforts to build a sustainable future together,” said Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman and CEO.

According to worldsteel, “Members of the charter are committed to a vision where steel is valued as a vital material for a sustainable world, taking leadership to generate positive impacts on people, the planet and the prosperity of society.”

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