Tenaris, Saipem and SIAD sign a MoU for the study of a carbon capture and utilization project in Dalmine, Italy

Tenaris, Saipem and SIAD have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to start the design phase of a carbon dioxide capture and utilization (CCU) plant, to be built at the Tenaris plant in Dalmine, northern Italy.

The project covers the capture of 30 tons of CO2 per day produced by the thermoelectric power plant installed at the TenarisDalmine plant. The CO2 captured through Saipem CO2 Solutions proprietary technology will be subsequently used by SIAD, specifically in the food and beverage industry, for crops, in water treatment, in metal processing and as a refrigerant gas with a reduced environmental impact.

Saipem CO2 Solutions technology, which is based on an innovative enzymatic process used for CO2 capture, allows for the use of waste heat whilst avoiding the use of toxic substances used in other processes.

The agreement among the three companies is structured in various phases, the first of which will be a feasibility study.

Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris Europe and CEO TenarisDalmine, says “This project is part of Tenaris's goal to reduce by 30% its CO2 emissions by 2030. In Italy we are actively working towards this goal through investments and projects to reduce air pollution, to promote energy efficiency and to reduce raw material consumption as well as to increase the content of recycled material in our products, along with the valorization and reuse of our by-products”.

Francesco Caio, CEO and General Manager of Saipem, commented: “The agreement with Tenaris and SIAD confirms Saipem’s role in offering cutting-edge technological solutions for reducing environmental impact. The participation in this project consolidates our strategy of decarbonization in industrial sectors and confirms the role of Saipem as the ideal partner for Net Zero”.

Bernardo Sestini, CEO of SIAD explains: “SIAD participates in this project because we are convinced that innovation, which has always been one of our values, is the basis for the development of environmental sustainability. The CO2 can be used by our customers for innovative applications in the environmental and food sectors, such as the production of micronutrients from algae or low-impact hydroponic farming. The recovery and use of CO2 enables the development of an increasingly circular and sustainable economy”.

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