TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector shows off its robustness in the Black Sea

Image courtesy of Black Sea Oil & Gas Romania

Romanian operator Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG) chose TenarisHydril EasyDock™ weld-on connector for the conductor string of the development phase of the Ana gas field in the Black Sea shallow waters.

This project marked the first hammering installation of TenarisHydril EasyDock™, whose design stems from the extensively tested and field-proven TenarisHydril BlueDock®. The installation took place in late 2021, featuring a technique that involves pushing the string in the ground with hammer hits; it is faster than the traditional drilling and cementing operation but it can be performed only in shallow water environments with soft and well-known surface formations.

The Ana gas field, which consists of four shallow water wells in Romania, is located 120 km from the coast. This project is the first gas development in the Romanian Black Sea in the past 30 years and will contribute to the country’s energy supply. BSOG targets offshore development of gas resources by offering natural gas production as a transition fuel and providing vital infrastructure to develop green energy projects.

“Tenaris provided BSOG an integrated solution with conductor joints and accessories required for the installation, including drive chaser and drive shoe supplied in collaboration with Conductor Installation Services, now part of Claxton Engineering. It was a very successful conductor driving job,” said Allan Gibson, Development Drilling Manager at BSOG.

A total of 60 joints of 30" X56M TenarisHydril EasyDock™ weld-on connectors were successfully installed in four wells, batch drilled during six consecutive days. The operation was a success; all connections were made up correctly, showing zero rejects, and the hammering of the pipes into the ground was trouble free. Tenaris field services experts were at the rig to support the whole process.

“Offshore medium severity projects call for cost-effective solutions that guarantee performance and well integrity. The customer chose EasyDock™ weld-on connector thanks to its hammering suitability, plus the added value of its performance and installation speed,” said Pietro Quattri, Tenaris Technical Sales Engineer Europe.

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