Campetrol recognizes Tenaris in Colombia for boosting employee health and wellbeing

Tenaris received an award from Campetrol, the Colombian Chamber of Oil, Gas, and Energy, for the company’s actions to drive employee health and wellbeing.

The honor, highlighted under the sustainability category during the Sixth Oil, Gas, and Energy Summit held in Cartagena on October 24-26, recognized the impact of the Health Care Project, a global initiative launched by Tenaris, post-pandemic, in collaboration with Humanitas, an internationally renowned, highly specialized hospital, research and teaching center, that, like Tenaris, is also part of the Techint Group.

This project was selected among 27 other initiatives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and presented by 17 affiliated companies.

"At Tenaris, we believe nothing is more important than the health and safety of all our employees. The Health Care Project is designed to promote health protection and inspire each employee to embrace their own physical and mental well-being, their overall quality of life, and the well-being of their work environment," said Tenaris President for the Andean Region, Andrea Bassetti.

With the participation of over 25,000 employees worldwide, the Health Care Project represents a global health protocol designed to raise awareness and promote proactive health actions among Tenaris employees.  Embracing a comprehensive approach, it surpasses conventional workplace health programs, because medical check-ups take place in the workplace, which makes it easier for more people to have them providing a wider array of prevention opportunities. Local medical staff at the plants are an active part of this program.

At Tenaris's production center in Colombia, more than 1,100 people participated in the Health Care Program during 2022 and underwent complimentary preventative, clinical examinations, as well as subsequent follow-up appointments.

The examinations offered to Tenaris employees do not replace traditional periodic medical checkups but represent an additional opportunity to check one's health, thanks to a comprehensive list that includes, among others: eye tests, spirometry, blood tests, PAP test, electrocardiogram, urine test and vestibular test.

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