First wind farm for Tenaris in Argentina now fully operational, second wind farm gets greenlight

As Tenaris’s first wind farm in Argentina enters full operations, the company has secured additional rights to the grid, paving the way for a second wind farm, that when combined, will almost entirely power the Siderca seamless mill in Campana with renewable energy. Both wind farms will provide competitive power without subsidies due to the exceptional wind conditions found in certain parts of Argentina.

The Buena Ventura wind farm is now delivering 103.2 MW of renewable energy to the company’s Argentine seamless mill through the interconnected grid. The first project, constructed in 15 months, is located in Gonzales Chaves district, in the province of Buenos Aires, a favorable location for wind electricity generation with a projected utilization capacity factor of 58%. This includes 24 turbines (4.2 MW installed power each) generating a total of 509GWh annual electricity production, supplying close to 50% of the electrical energy required by Tenaris’s mill in Campana, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 152,000 tons per year. The total investment has amounted $203 million USD.

The Buena Ventura wind farm is now delivering renewable energy to Tenaris' seamless mill through the interconnected grid. Tenaris

With the additional connection rights obtained, Tenaris announced it will move forward with the construction of a second wind farm, an investment of $214 million. The new 91.5MW wind farm, called La Rinconada, will be located in Olavarría, in the province of Buenos Aires, with a projected utilization capacity factor of 55%.  It is expected to be finalized in two years’ time.

“With the investment in the wind farms and our ongoing investments in energy efficiency, we expect to meet almost 100% of our energy requirements in Argentina through renewable energy,” said Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman and CEO.

Tenaris has established a plan to reduce its CO2 emissions intensity per ton of steel by 30% by 2030.

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