H2-ready Tenaris onshore linepipe for Belgian Hydrogen Backbone

Tenaris onshore linepipes for Belgian Hydrogen Backbone. Tenaris

Tenaris is supplying Fluxys with 500 tons of pipes and One Line™ coating service for onshore hydrogen/gas interconnecting lines.

The Belgian Hydrogen Backbone is a pioneering project which aims to leverage Belgium's strategic geographical position and its existing gas infrastructure to build a robust hydrogen network. The backbone will consist of a network of pipelines, stretching across the country and connecting with neighboring networks, to transport hydrogen from production sites to consumption centers.

The project, coordinated by Fluxys and developed by a consortium of public and private partners, required technical challenges relating to hydrogen transportation and the contribution of different areas to finalize it. “This is the first H2-ready onshore project we could secure thanks to our solid technical expertise, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and strong team commitment,” highlights Simone Baietta, Commercial Senior Director HPI, Distribution and Fittings.

Tenaris linepipes are provided with One Line™ coating services. Fluxys

Tenaris has been awarded to supply Fluxys with part of the necessary pipes, being a comprehensive package of 500 tons of pipes, provided with 3 different coatings (3LPP, 3LPE, PEWA), part of Tenaris One Line™ coating services.

The new dual-purpose infrastructure will run parallel to the existing natural gas one between Desteldonk and Opwijk and Tenaris pipes will allow the link to the final users of hydrogen. It will initially increase the security of supply for Belgium and neighboring countries and, according to Fluxys, the pipeline will be fully future-proof and immediately available for hydrogen transport once the market is ready.

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