In Italy, Tenaris supplies structural tubes for local football stadium

The Atalanta stadium is located in the city of Bergamo, near Tenaris's mill in Italy. Tenaris

Tenaris will supply 450 tons of structural tubes for the Gewiss stadium, where Atalanta, the Bergamo city soccer team, plays. Tenaris’s seamless mill in Italy is located near Bergamo, in Dalmine.

The renovation and expansion project of the Atalanta stadium started in 2019 to adapt the structure to host European tournaments, responding to UEFA requirements. Tenaris supplied a total of around 1,500 tons of structural tubes to support the ceiling structures.

At the end of this season, work will begin to complete the stadium renovation. Tenaris structural tubes will be used to support the complete roofing of the southern part of the stadium.  The renovation will begin between the end of July and the beginning of August of this year and completion is expected between December 2023 and February 2024.

“Even though the size of this project in terms of tons does not seem so relevant, this is an extremely significant project for our city, which once again highlights the link between Tenaris and its local communities. Thanks to internal collaboration among different areas, we could ensure fast production. We are glad that Atalanta reconfirmed its trust in Tenaris," says Lucio Rota, Sales Senior Manager Mechanical Europe.

Tenaris’s hot-rolled seamless tubes are used in stadiums, bridges, and airports. Thanks to their excellent weldability, they are also used in architectural projects where structural lightness is a requirement. Steel frames made with Tenaris pipes grant high ductility without compromising structural integrity.


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