New SPE Tech Talk to spotlight Tenaris advanced material technology for hydrogen storage and transport

Progress is being made in the developing the hydrogen value chain amid energy transition targets, but challenges remain related to costs, policy and regulations, infrastructure and associated risks.

In its fourth tech talk, on Thursday, March 9 at 8:30am CT, hosted by the Society Petroleum of Engineers, Tenaris will discuss the potential and challenges hydrogen presents, including the design of advanced material solutions, and testing required to ensure high-performance in hydrogen environments, for both storage and transportation. 

“Hydrogen is widely regarded as a key ingredient in the transition to carbon-free energy but is known to degrade materials’ properties though a phenomenon called hydrogen embrittlement,” explains Paolo Bortot, Tenaris product manager for hydrogen industrial applications. 

Over the years, Tenaris has been consolidating its technical expertise to develop key competencies and the technologies required to ensure reliable solutions to support the deployment of hydrogen storage and transportation.

“In 2021 Tenaris launched its THera™ - Tenaris Hydrogen era – materials technology for hydrogen applications. These range from hydrogen storage systems for refueling stations to tube trailers for reliable hydrogen transportation; from solutions for industrial segments to onshore and offshore transmission pipelines for the safe transport of up to 100% hydrogen gas in high pressure,” says Mihaela Cristea, Tenaris product manager hydrogen pipeline technology.

Tenaris will be hosting additional tech talks devoted to its technologies for low-carbon applications in the following months. Stay tuned.

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