Tenaris expert addresses risks associated with H2 and CO2 transport at Rio Pipeline 2023

Tenaris Pipeline Technology Senior Director, Philippe Darcis, took part in a workshop at the Rio Pipeline 2023, held this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 8th to 10th, addressing the risks and challenges associated with the transport of hydrogen and carbon dioxide in pipelines.

As industries strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, hydrogen and CO2 transportation are emerging as crucial solutions in the energy transition. Hydrogen, regarded as a clean energy carrier, presents an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Simultaneously, carbon capture and storage (CCS) also plays a vital role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, particularly for sectors with large stationary emitters or those with hard-to-abate emissions.

Philippe Darcis shared that pressurized pipelines are considered the most efficient means of transporting molecular energy from production or storage sites to consumption or storage locations. They provide a comprehensive and large-scale solution for harnessing the potential of hydrogen and CCS in various applications. “Due to the susceptibility of line pipe steel to hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon it becomes imperative to demonstrate readiness for safe hydrogen transportation by addressing this challenge effectively,” highlighted Darcis.

During the workshop, Philippe Darcis described the unique challenges of CO2 transportation via pipelines, especially in the context of large-scale carbon capture operations. The design approach for these projects, he added, must account for factors such as low-temperature embrittlement, the risk of running fractures, the presence of liquid water, and the potential corrosion effects of CO2 impurities.

Amid these challenges, and to prepare for the energy transition, the pipeline sector is pursuing various solutions, with research and development efforts underway, to develop new pipeline materials with enhanced resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion caused by CO2 impurities, among others. In such stimulating and stringent context, Tenaris is relying on its unique experience as world leader in tubular solutions to address potential risk associated to H2 and CO2, and proposing new product portfolios like THeraTM for hydrogen.

Learn about Tenaris’s advanced product portfolio for the energy transition.

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