Tenaris and Eni present low temperature testing of premium connections for CCS

TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connection tested under cryogenic conditions for CCS Tenaris

At the International Petroleum Technology Conference, recently held in Bangkok, Thailand, Eni and Tenaris presented the results of new testing performed on TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections under cryogenic conditions.

Eni and Tenaris have unveiled the latest results of their testing on premium connections for Carbon Capture and Storage applications. The testing focused on an offshore European CCS project, simulating extreme conditions for tubing and premium connections, and yielding excellent results.

The test was performed in November 2022 in Tenaris's full-scale laboratory in Argentina on 7” super martensitic stainless-steel tubing with the TenarisHydril Blue® premium connections with Dopeless® technology. The connection was subjected to extreme thermal shock, reaching temperatures below -70 degrees Celsius, to simulate the sudden expansion of CO2 from dense to gas phase, as well as the subsequent cooling in the unlikely event of a blowout. The Blue® Dopeless® premium connection showed outstanding performance, maintaining its gas sealability, even at such low temperatures.

Tenaris’s Dopeless® technology proved to be a great choice for CCS applications, considering its low environmental impact, its stability at low temperatures and its excellent performance during make-up and break-out tests, even in prone-to-galling materials, such as martensitic stainless steel.

With Dopeless® technology, there is no need for the application of running or storage compounds, simplifying handling and yard operations. Dopeless® technology is applied automatically at our mills around the world, which increases running reliability, with nearly zero rejects and re-makeups.

Given the lack of standardized protocols to qualify connections for CCS wells, Eni and Tenaris are developing a specific testing procedure, based on actual challenges for CO2 injection wells Eni experienced in their first CCS projects in Europe.

“Having the opportunity of testing our premium connections on one of the first CCS projects starting in Europe is extremely exciting. We selected TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections with the endorsement of operators, and it passed the technical and environmental challenges with outstanding results,” says Tenaris Technical Sales Senior Engineer Erica Gibellini.

These results demonstrate that the Blue® Dopeless® connection is suitable for CCS injection wells, withstanding the thermal shock while maintaining its sealability and structural integrity.

Eni and Tenaris continue to lead the way in testing activities on tubulars and premium connections for CCS applications, ensuring the safe and efficient development of Carbon Capture and Storage projects.

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