Tenaris celebrates 10th anniversary of seamless mill groundbreaking in Bay City, TX

Tenaris celebrates 10th anniversary of seamless mill groundbreaking Tenaris

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Tenaris’s groundbreaking of its seamless pipe mill in Bay City, Texas – the company’s first greenfield project in the United States.

Tenaris US President Luca Zanotti and company executives were joined by elected officials, including Matagorda County Judge Bobby Seiferman, Matagorda County Attorney Jennifer Chau, County Commissioner Mike Estlinbaum and Bay City Mayor Robert Nelson, as well as members of city council and community stakeholders for a reception at the plant to celebrate ten years of partnership.

"On behalf of Matagorda County, congratulations to Tenaris on this momentous occasion of celebrating 10 years since the groundbreaking of its Bay City mill here in Matagorda County. Tenaris is an integral part of our local and state economy through the continued creation of employment and educational opportunities for Matagorda County youth. As economic development in the county continues to excel, best wishes on the next 10 years, and thank you," said Matagorda County Judge Bobby Seiferman. 

“Congratulations to Tenaris’s mill in Bay City on achieving ten successful years in business,” said US Senator John Cornyn in remarks shared by the senator’s Regional Director-Southeast Texas, Jay Guerrero. “Since breaking ground in the fall of 2013, they have grown into a pillar of the Matagorda County community, and I look forward to seeing all they will accomplish in the next decade.”

Tenaris US President Luca Zanotti shares remarks during ceremony celebrating 10th anniversary of mill's groundbreaking. Tenaris

Former Matagorda County Mayor Nate McDonald, a longtime partner during the mill’s construction and early years of operation was also in attendance.

“We had a plan when I came to office in 2007, to build the best rural county in the state of Texas, and to build it in such a way that it would be sustainable for the next 100 years and we’ve done that,” shared McDonald, who retired in 2022. “We created thousands of new jobs. We created the education pieces to bring people up to speed and get them a marketable skill. And then good projects like Tenaris’ Bay City pipe mill drove home the career creation that we were after in Matagorda County.”

Today, more than 700 employees work at the seamless plant.  Support to its communities, through education, volunteerism and strategic donations, guides Tenaris’s community initiatives. Since 2013, the year the company broke ground on its seamless plant, Tenaris has invested more than $3.5 million in Matagorda County, Texas, with more than half dedicated to education.

Over the past ten years, Tenaris has formed strong partnerships with the community, including the Wharton County Junior College for the launch of the Manufacturing Technology Program, which Tenaris contributed to its curriculum as well as invested in the lab equipment.

The seamless pipe mill is the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in North America, equipped with a high level of automation and cutting edge technologies. The facility has driven the company’s commercial strategy known as Rig Direct®, a unique combination of technical, logistics and on-the-field support that has transformed, and streamlined, supply chain operations for the tubular sector.  Located near key shale plays, the plant allows Tenaris to synchronize its pipe manufacturing to customer drilling projects, streamlining product delivery and execution of services.

2023 marks 10th anniversary of Tenaris' groundbreaking of Bay City, TX, mill

2023 marks 10th anniversary of Tenaris' groundbreaking of Bay City, TX, mill

Tenaris’s Bay City mill was designed and built according to stringent environmental and safety standards. It’s the first seamless plant classified as a minor source of emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency and is in the final stages of obtaining its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification for its industrial facility, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainable operations through best-class practices.

“Our Bay City mill is a flagship operation for the company and a critical part of our industrial system in the United States. The successes achieved over the last 10 years has been the result of the collective effort of our extraordinary team that run its operations, from the administrative building to the manufacturing floor, and of the partnerships formed outside these walls, the community. We look forward to the next 10 years,” said Tenaris US President Luca Zanotti.

Tenaris recognized its employees for their contribution to this milestone with a two-day celebration on site.

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