Tenaris supplies casing and services for geothermal project Graben-Neudorf in Germany

Graben-Neudorf geothermal field Courtesy of Deutsche ErdWärme

Tenaris has completed the delivery of casing and accessories for the geothermal project Graben-Neudorf operated by Deutsche Erdwärme near Karlsruhe in the German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, with JV Ed. Züblin AG and Huisman Geo B.V. as general contractor.

The project is a standard geothermal doublet for power generation aiming to produce both electricity and heat. It includes the realization of two wells reaching a depth of 4,000+ meters, the first completed in August 2023, finding temperatures above 200°Celsius in the reservoir.

“With Tenaris we have found a reliable, high quality and customer-orientated supplier of tubulars and casing accessories, focusing on the specific needs of a geothermal operator like Deutsche Erdwärme and providing excellent after sales service. We are looking forward to a longer business relationship,” says Dr. Sebastian Homuth, operations manager of Deutsche ErdWärme.

“Drilling the first well of Graben-Neudorf has been challenging and Tenaris has been a key partner, accompanying high-quality products with services such as running assistance, interim storage and just-in-time delivery that helped to minimize working capital,” says Karl Reuter, Project Engineer at Zueblin. “Tenaris has always shown a high level of flexibility, understanding our operational needs and support in short time to every kind of request” adds Mr. Reuter.

The supply package included TenarisHydril Blue® connections, with their proven performance tested under the most severe industry standards as ISO 13679 CAL IV and high temperatures qualified according to TWCEEP, and TenarisHydril ER™, an enhanced alternative to API BTC designed for surface, intermediate and production casing.

“Graben-Neudorf project is an important milestone for Tenaris in its plan to reinforce its position in the German geothermal market,” says Fabio Bianco, Tenaris sales manager. “We have two vertically integrated facilities in Europe, and we remain committed to investing further to increase our capabilities, our product range and to better serve our customers.”

Tenaris has more than 30 years of experience working in geothermal projects around the world, supporting customers with well design and on-site running support of specific products.

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