Tenaris tackles corrosion to advance CO2 transportation at Carbon Capture Canada convention

“Guaranteeing the controlled and safe transport of CO2 from its source and to the point of injection is undoubtedly a key factor in the development of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) solutions and its success will have a significant impact on the entire industry,” said Tenaris Commercial VP Shellie Clark, during the Subsurface Risk and Uncertainty across Injection, Storage and Monitoring Phases panel at Carbon Capture Canada 2023.

This is the second edition of the event, the largest national convention focused on discussing the potential of CCUS in the country, where again Tenaris has participated with a booth at the Edmonton Convention Centre in Alberta on September 12-14.

During the discussion on the strategic panel, Clark talked about the importance of how the CCUS industry continues to gain knowledge on the pathway to net-zero. Corrosion is one of the major risks in the development of open access CO2 storage facilities and transportation. When multiple sources of CO2 are transported, even in its dense or supercritical phase, there is a risk of internal corrosion in the pipes derived from any interaction with water. This would result in carbonic acid or other type of acids, due to the presence of impurities.

“Assurance that the CO2 stream is maintained in a dense phase or supercritical state is vital. CO2 treatment and impurities control are also important. But above all, we need to continue developing strategies and materials that mitigate or reduce the risk and damage from corrosion, including the steel grade used, the possible use of inhibitors and eventually developments of specialized internal coatings” added Clark.

Joining the discussion was Jonathan Olsen, Technical sales manager in Canada, who led a knowledge bar presentation on September 13 titled “Carbon Capture Pipeline and Injection Materials Considerations”.

“Our portfolio is well-equipped to take on the CCUS challenges, featuring seamless and welded pipes, premium connections and coatings. Our proprietary steel grades and TenarisHydril connections have been extensively used in CO2 injection wells for Enhanced Oil Recovery and in salt domes to store the compressed air to produce energy. We also have solid experience in dealing with corrosive conditions found in offshore and onshore transportation for CO₂ use and sequestration,” explained Olsen.

Along with other Tenaris representatives, both Olsen and Clark were available at booth #307 during the three-day convention, sharing information about the company’s latest developments and solutions for CCUS and decarbonization.

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