Tenaris to support Toyota’s ramp-up for record production year

Tenaris’s automotive sales team visiting Toyota's industrial site in Argentina Tenaris

During a recent visit to Toyota’s industrial site in Argentina, Tenaris’s automotive sales team received strong endorsement by Toyota’s management, who shared their company's supply strategy, focused on locating as many parts and components as possible to generate greater efficiencies and maintain a successful production model in Argentina over time.

The Toyota industrial plant in the Buenos Aires district of Zárate started in 1997 with 10,000 annual units of the Hilux pickup and closed 2022 as the main automotive terminal in Argentina in production, sales and exports.

“We expect to continue work at the technical maximum regimen of our plant, until the start of production of the new model. We are very satisfied for having Tenaris as partner to accompany us in the development of new parts,” said Luis Heim, Toyota purchasing manager.

Last August Tenaris was chosen to supply a new welded cold drawn component for the drive shafts Dana produces for Toyota in Argentina, contributing to increase the local content of automotive parts. The contract includes the supply of 600,000 pieces per year, equivalent to 1,100 tons of pipes, for the manufacturing of drive shafts for the Toyota Hilux and SW4 pick-up trucks, assembled at the Toyota plant in Zárate.

“This ambitious project has a strongly verticalized process, involving different facilities as well as our automotive component center in Argentina. Our supply includes a just in time service model which requires a tight collaboration among all teams involved in this project,” highlighted Adrian Fila, Tenaris sales senior manager automotive & hydraulic cylinders South America.

Beyond the focus on production and support to achieve targets, teams from both companies also discussed shared agenda items that form a key part of their corporate focus - environmental footprint optimization and community relations - values conducive for a strong, long-term partnership.


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