World Steel Association recognizes Tenaris for ergonomics program in Brazil

Tenaris has been honored by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) for its pioneering ergonomics program in Brazil. This acknowledgement is part of the worldsteel's Safety and Health Excellence Recognition 2023, which spotlights exceptional initiatives in safety and health by member companies.

Tenaris Health and Safety Global Senior Director Riccardo Dovera, states, "Our commitment to safety and health, exemplified by our ergonomics program in Brazil, demonstrates how proactive measures and employee engagement can significantly reduce ergonomic risks. We are honored to receive this recognition from worldsteel and remain dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and health across our global operations."

The ergonomics program in Brazil commenced in 2016, when the team initiated an evaluation of ergonomic conditions within its pipe manufacturing mills. The assessment identified areas for improvement to reduce injuries associated with poor ergonomics. The team applied engineering and design solutions to improve work conditions in areas of the manufacturing floor, reducing or eliminating the risk of strain injuries, stemming from manual tasks. The implementation of the ergonomics program featured annual reviews and cross-functional evaluations to prioritize investments.

By 2022, the program had reviewed 716 activities, leading to a remarkable reduction in ergonomic injuries, decreasing the annual average to just seven cases, down from 42. High-risk tasks also declined to 17% from 35% compared to the initial assessment in 2016.

For more details on Tenaris's ergonomics program and other awarded initiatives, please refer to worldsteel's press release.

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