Tenaris celebrates Education Day in commemoration of founder Roberto Rocca

At the Roberto Rocca Technical School in Campana, Argentina, Tenaris CEO Paolo Rocca emphasized the importance of education as a tool for both individual and community progress. Tenaris

Every June, Tenaris and the other companies comprising the Techint Group celebrate Education Day in honor of one of its founders, Roberto Rocca, and his dedication to promoting educational initiatives in communities where the companies operate. Various events were held last week in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico as part of the celebrations.

“Education is the fundamental component of progress, of developing talents within all communities. Education, merit, and talent are the three pillars of development and growth," said Tenaris Chairman and CEO Paolo Rocca during the Education Day celebration at the Roberto Rocca Technical School (ETRR) in Campana, Argentina . The event provided a great opportunity to discuss innovative practices and trends for the design of new teaching methods.

In Veracruz, Mexico, Tenaris celebrated the Roberto Rocca Education Day for the third consecutive year. Tenaris

In Veracruz, Mexico, celebrations gathered more than 160 directors and teachers from educational institutions along with 40 students from technical high schools. 

In Pindamonhangaba, Brazil, over 200 high school and college students received Roberto Rocca scholarships. Additionally, training sessions were conducted for professors and school administrators, including teachers of the Roberto Rocca After School program, which offers students a non-formal program in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and Art, aimed at achieving comprehensive development, basic literacy, and socio-emotional skills.

In Brazil, 200 high school students and 20 college students were awarded Roberto Rocca scholarships this year. Tenaris

The core of Tenaris’s community investment, about 86%, is centered on education. Learn more about the company’s educational initiatives.

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