Growth and gratitude power commercial manager’s career journey at Tenaris

From operator on the manufacturing line to the commercial team in Brazil, Evaristo Guedes reflects on his professional journey at Tenaris. Tenaris

Evaristo Guedes has had a remarkable journey at Tenaris that spans 24 years. He’s amassed experiences across various areas of the company since his start at the age of 19, and through a hunger to keep learning and growing, today he serves as commercial manager in Brazil.

Born into a family of farmers who resettled in Santo André, São Paulo, Guedes is the youngest of 10 siblings and the only one not born in rural Paraná state. Introduced to the industrial world by his father and one of his brothers, his ambition to pursue a career in the industry led him to join the production line at Mill 6 of Confab in 2000.

He characterizes this period as “times of struggle, gratitude, and, of course, a touch of luck.” Just two months into his tenure at the company, he was promoted to quality inspector, conducting dimensional inspections of pipe threads. After transitioning to the coating mill, he assumed responsibility for quality inspections of sandblasting within a year of joining the company.

"I had the opportunity to work within all the mills at Confab and understand each stage of the process," Guedes shares. "I began at Mill 6, applying grease to the end of the pipes. From there, I grew and seized new opportunities, significantly contributing to my development. All the activities I've undertaken have been essential in shaping my career and enabling me to become the professional I am today. My time in production served as a valuable learning experience, providing insights into products, quality standards, norms, material specifications, and safety," he explains.

Currently serving as a commercial manager, Guedes looks back on the pivotal moments in his career and shares that shortly after joining the company he became a father. Recognizing the need to redouble his efforts to provide the best for his family, the young father, who worked the third shift, embarked on his academic journey with the support of his wife.

"It became clear to me that I needed to study and prepare more. So I studied for the next 12 years without interruption, until my graduation in business administration in 2008," he recalls. During his final year at college, he started postgraduate studies in project management followed by another program in strategic business management. Despite completing both programs, he felt something was still lacking. He then enrolled to study mechanical production engineering. Shortly after, an opportunity arose to join the supply chain team, where he remained for almost four years.

Evaristo Guedes loves spending time with his family and traveling with his kids, Giovanna and Leonardo. Tenaris

Another crucial point in his career was moving from operations to administration: “It was a huge change because they involve very different processes and behaviors. I received a lot of support from individuals who guided me and assisted me at the outset of this transition. I am deeply grateful to all them,” he says and he highlights that the connections he made throughout his career have played an essential role in developing his potential.

In 2014, he assumed the role of sales engineer in the commercial sector and relocated to Rio de Janeiro. "I had the opportunity to travel to several countries for business, meet new people, participate in conventions, visit clients I'd only been in touch with via email or phone, and gain experiences in countries I'd never have imagined visiting, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Italy," Guede says.

During his time with the commercial team, one standout experience was the Zohr offshore project in Egypt, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. "This project was pivotal for our company and posed significant logistical challenges. When production started, I was invited to be part of the team that would put the coating mill into operation for the Zohr project. The challenges were huge, but it was very rewarding to be able to return to my old work environment and contribute to the delivery of the project from both the production and the commercial side," Guedes recalls.

Looking ahead, Guedes acknowledges ongoing challenges in his role overseeing industrial sales and distribution. "My main professional goal is to expand our market and operations in Brazil,” he says.

Outside of work, he finds joy in exploring the trails of the Paraíba Valley with his family and grilling for his wife and children, Leonardo and Giovanna, ages 23 and 17. "I love spending the weekends with my family. My hobbies include preparing barbecues – which, modesty aside, I excel at – and immersing myself in nature, exploring waterfalls, and traveling the world with my loved ones. Caring for my family and seeing my children grow and knowing that my work contributes to their development brings me immense satisfaction,” he concludes.

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