Fondazione Dalmine unveils new headquarters in Italy that bridge the past, present and future

Fondazione Dalmine, established by Dalmine, Tenaris’s seamless steel plant in Italy to preserve and disseminate the company’s history and industrial heritage through cultural initiatives, has unveiled its new headquarters.

What was once a guesthouse from 1924 designed by Milanese architect Giovanni Greppi, as part of the Dalmine company town, has become a hub for culture and education nested in one of Italy's most innovative and eco-sustainable architectural restoration projects.

In its new headquarters, Fondazione Dalmine welcomes visitors with an immersive experience: a 60-square-meter room to journey through the complex production process of the steel industry. Fire, automation and technological excellence are the plot of a video that takes the visitor into the heart of the technological evolution that characterizes the path of Tenaris in Italy.

"This building and the activities it hosts reflect our identity and are part of a broader project of integration between the company and its community, which also includes vacation camps, a farm, and many other facilities. This is an industry that promotes and transforms the area,” said Tenaris Chairman and CEO Paolo Rocca during the opening event.

The renovation project, supported by Tenaris and the Fondazione Enrico and Agostino Rocca, was designed by Studio Caruso Torricella Architetti and Studio 02arch in Milan and meets the requirements of LEED Gold level certification. The program is a voluntary certification that attests to the degree of eco-compatibility and sustainability, intervening already in the design phase to regulate energy and water consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, improve the ecological quality of interiors, and the materials and resources used.

Fondazione Dalmine features a heritage and history area dedicated to the preservation of archives, with 100,000 photographs and 17,000 terabytes of digitized documents. It also offers industrial culture and education initiatives, with multiple programs for schools and robotic laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. These labs are the first in Italy to obtain the FACT Centre for Industrial Automation label, a global standard for learning equipment, teaching methods, and technical equipment.

Fondazione Dalmine is hosting a three-day open house until April 21st for visitors to explore the facility, meet the researchers and trainers that work there, and learn more about its mission to enrich the community.

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