Maintenance leader in Brazil leads the way through predictive analysis

Nayara Oliveira, is part of the maintenance team at Confab, Tenaris’s welded pipe mill in Pindamonhangaba, Brazil. Tenaris

Nayara Oliveira is known for her innovative and proactive approach as the head of the maintenance team at Confab, Tenaris’s welded pipe mill in Pindamonhangaba, Brazil. A recipient of the Roberto Rocca Scholarship , Oliveira pursued electrical engineering at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) and joined Tenaris as a global trainee after graduation. She spent eight years in the electrical engineering department before transitioning to the maintenance team of the coating mill in 2022. Oliveira brings considerable experience in data analysis and process variables measurement.

Reflecting on her journey, Oliveira recalls the challenges she faced when changing roles. “I was pregnant at the time, just two months away from maternity leave. So, in fact, I started my new role in May 2023, when I was back from my maternity leave. It was tough: a new job, a new workplace, and new colleagues, plus caring for my baby daughter. There were times when I found it overwhelming. But my family and my work colleagues were incredibly supportive,” she shares.

Nayara has extensive experience in data analysis and measurement of process variables. Tenaris

Oliveira is currently leading an innovative project to enhance process control and predictive maintenance at the coating plant. “This involves developing control mechanisms for process variables on the external coating line. We’ve installed instrumentation and technological updates to measure physical control variables such as temperature, speed, pressure, and flow. It’s very interesting, and I’m very excited about its potential,” she explains.

Oliveira emphasizes how predictive maintenance can enhance plant operations through data analysis to identify operational anomalies and potential equipment defects, enabling timely repairs before failures occur. “We need to predict failures well before they are likely to happen; that’s the heart and soul of predictive maintenance. The new project we are just finishing up will help achieve this at the coating facilities,” she notes.

Nayara Oliveira is part of the Tenaris Maintenance Engineering Team in Brazil. Tenaris

When asked about the key skills needed in her role, she highlights leadership and communication. “It’s vital to be able to communicate clearly and to know how to motivate and recognize teamwork. Listening to people and observing their actions are the foundation of good leadership,” concludes Nayara.

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