Tenaris highlights expansion of solutions for civil and industrial installation at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

Tenaris’s mill in Piombino, Italy, provides specialized solutions for the civil and industrial installation market. Tenaris

Tenaris will be presenting it products and services for the civil and industrial installation segments at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort trade show (MCE), which will take place in Milan, on March 12-15.

Ahead of one of the main sector events, Luca Frecassetti, sales director of the commercial pipes division, shares insights about Tenaris’s mill in Piombino, Italy. 

Piombino production facility & service center offers a wide range of specialized products and services for civil, commercial and industrial construction markets. Piombino has a long standing history of innovation and service to its customers operating not only in Europe, but also overseas. Always at the industry forefront, and aligned with the current market dynamics, Piombino is undergoing some operational and industrial updates focused on expanding its product range, sustaining the high levels of safety and quality achieved in its operations, and strengthening its production capabilities and services.

Commercial Pipes Division Sales Director Luca Frecassetti shares insights about the Tenaris's mill in Piombino, Italy. Tenaris

Which production capabilities does Piombino have?

Piombino has several production lines able to perform non-destructive inspection, various finishing processes, and threading of Tenaris pipes. Thereafter, in connection to the service application for which the pipes are intended, Piombino has the capability to coat pipes with a wide range of anticorrosion protection systems according to the most rigorous international standards (ISO EN, ASTM DWG, DIN) and proprietary specifications, such as epoxy Dalmine Thermo®, FBE coatings, 3 layer coatings (PE), hot dip galvanizing, or a combination of them.

Which are its strengths and new undergoing initiatives?

Piombino site is keeping the highest standards in safety, quality and customer service; in addition to a full range coverage with more than 150 different items available at all times in its stock (bare and coated), and a high flexibility to deliver according to customers' requirements. The production lines work in total synergy with the service center, enabling effective responses to customer requests. As part of new undergoing initiatives, on the quality and product side, we have recently qualified enhanced anticorrosion FBE coatings and stablished a new quality and research laboratory that will allow us to continue engineering our products to fulfill more demanding applications while improving product performance. On the industrial side, we are working in increasing the dimensional range of our galvanized products and our 3 layer anticorrosive coating products. On top of all these activities, our people make the difference every day by contributing with their expertise, professionalism, passion, and enthusiasm to achieve our objectives.

The production lines in the Piombino mill have also undergone upgrades to enhance safety. What has been implemented?

We have completed the automatization of our anticorrosive coating line by introducing new protection devices and systems which allow us to reach the highest safety standards in the market. This intervention not only enhances safety but also introduces significant automation component to the process, allowing for improvements in quality and production volumes, as well as for the expansion of the product range.

Which are the main current trends in the construction market and what can Piombino offer to cope with the new challenges?

The construction segment undergoes continuous transformations and is a pivotal element within the European economy, continually evolving and adapting to new trends. These trends include a focus on sustainable construction methods, the implementation of stricter regulations, a shift towards digitally integrated, lifecycle-oriented project delivery models, changes in labor demand and workforce management, and the adoption of digital tools on construction sites.

To cope with these challenges, Piombino is aiming at continue improving the construction supply chain by reducing the time-to-market of its products and streamlining on-site operations through our pre-assembly/prefabrication services. These services might lead to relevant scheduling and operational enhancements. Our full product range with ample spectrum of finishing offerings, such as cutting, threading, grooving, axis, and off-axis drilling, enable us to deliver tailor-made products that are ready for immediate assembly at the construction site, aligning with project specifications. This approach translates into a significant reduction in design and installation time, lower costs, as well as enhanced safety and efficiency during installation..

Is Piombino working to reduce carbon emissions and to improve the environmental footprint of its operations and products?

Piombino is fully aligned with Tenaris targets to reduce carbon emissions from its operations and products. Our pipes are produced by the most efficient seamless manufacturing rolling process starting from billets made by electric arc furnace (EAF) steel making process using high scrap content. Piombino’ s coating processes use raw materials compliant with the highest health and environmental standards, and since several years we've been pioneered a lead-free galvanizing fully automatic process. 

Visit us at booth B69 C70 Hall 2 to learn more about Tenaris’s solutions for the civil and industrial installation market.

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