Tenaris partners to preserve thousands of archaeological pieces in Mexico

Since 2015, more than 10,000 archaeological pieces from the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa Museum in Veracruz have been digitally registered. Tenaris

In collaboration with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico, Tenaris is supporting the digitization of thousands of archaeological pieces, opening access to a broader audience. Through this partnership, more than 10,000 archaeological pieces from the collection of the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa Museum in Veracruz have been registered, photographed, and cataloged.

Tenaris’s community programs around the world are centered on education, art and culture for growth, development and as a source of innovation among the communities where the company has operations. Through partnerships such as with the INAH, Tenaris is contributing to the preservation of the culture and identity of Veracruz, where the company has more than 70 years of history.

The project extends beyond preservation, embracing innovation with 3D representation and augmented reality at the museum. Tenaris

With Tenaris's support, the INAH registers more than 1,500 pieces annually. The project has also resulted in the hiring of specialized technicians, expertly trained to manage the registration and cataloging of historical pieces.

Since the project started in 2015, Tenaris has provided essential resources for photographic registration, including computing and photographic equipment, as well as software for the 3D digitization of 20 pieces from the collection. This collaborative effort aims to incorporate these pieces into the Unique Public Registry System for Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic, and Historical Zones (SURPMZAH), enabling access to researchers, and the public, both nationally and internationally.

The digitization of these archaeological pieces facilitates their preservation and also serves as a birth certificate for the institution, providing detailed knowledge of the assets for easy identification and differentiation from counterfeits.

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