Curiosity is the driving force for production planning analyst at Texas mill

Rania Almadi, production planning analyst. Tenaris

Since joining Tenaris in 2022, production planning and scheduling senior analyst Rania Almadi has taken full advantage of every opportunity to grow her network and advance her career.

Almadi started as a summer intern in Houston in 2018, more than 8,000 miles from where she was studying at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Afterward, she joined the team full time as a global trainee in the United States, always looking for opportunities to continue her professional development.

Almadi’s first interaction with Tenaris took place several months before her first internship. As part of the Industrial Engineering department program in her university, she was nominated to meet key Tenaris representatives. Almadi reached out to the HR director at the time, explaining she would be visiting family in Houston that summer. This proactive approach ultimately helped her secure a summer internship, working for the accessories team at the McCarty threading facility in Texas.

After graduating in Dubai in 2019, Almadi was offered a global trainee position in Houston, but the pandemic delayed her start until July 2022. When she finally joined, she worked with the Rig Direct® services team for the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately rotated back to the McCarty threading facility. “I really enjoyed this because it was a hybrid role that gave me exposure to the commercial and supply chain areas,” she said. “My internships had introduced me to the products and the lingo, so I caught on really quickly.”

An analytical thinker, Almadi was drawn to the hands-on aspect of the industrial environment. “I like problem-solving and understanding how things work,” she said. “At McCarty, there's a culture where when something goes wrong, no one is focused on blame. We all work together to prevent it from happening again.”

Almadi has had unique opportunities to participate in national and global conventions and workshops, including the Women in Leadership Conference at Rice University, the Society of Women Engineers Conference, and an exclusive invitation to the Future Female Leaders Award from the IESE Business School in Barcelona. There, she was one among the 70 women selected to attend worldwide. “I got to meet women from multiple segments—industrial, academic, consulting,” Almadi shared. “We talked a lot about the importance of curiosity, empathy, being on the front line, and listening to your people.”

Curiosity, specifically, is something Almadi considers key for any kind of development. “I’ve always been very curious. I want to try different things and experience different parts of the business. Curiosity is that driving force in your journey. It opens doors to what you don’t know and brings new ideas to light.”

Within Tenaris, Almadi also participates in the Lean In circles, bringing together female employees from different facilities and departments to share experiences and network.

Looking ahead, Almadi says she has a clear goal, no matter what part of the business she’s in: “I want to be a reliable team member,” she stresses. “I want to be a good leader for my team and really have an impact.”

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