Tenaris successfully runs DesertDock™ connector in onshore Bolivia

TenarisHydril DesertDock™ weld-on connector debuted in onshore Bolivia with zero rejects and re-make ups. Tenaris

Tenaris has successfully run a 26” casing string of TenarisHydril DesertDock™ weld-on connector in an exploratory well located in the Tarija department of Bolivia.

Available in diameters ranging from 24” to 32”, DesertDock™ is a connector specifically designed for low-severity onshore wells. Leveraging the operational advantages of the field-proven TenarisHydril BlueDock® connector, DesertDock™ provides a secure, robust, and easy-to-operate solution without the need for special installation tools.

Running operations in Tarija were successfully completed within a 3.5-hour period with no non-productive time. Twelve connectors were correctly made up on the first try, with no rejects or re-makeups. Tenaris’s field services team offered on-site support during running to ensure proper installation of the string and share best practices. Achieving a rate of four joints per hour, the installation set a new record for the customer’s operations.

With few threads per inch and multiple thread starts, TenarisHydril DesertDock™ connector allows for a smooth and quick assembly. Tenaris

"TenarisHydril DesertDock™ connector offers a cost-effective alternative for low-complexity onshore environments, making it a great solution for this exploratory well in Tarija, Bolivia. The connector’s proprietary design, featuring multiple thread starts and few threads per inch, allows for smooth and quick assembly," said Tomas Castiñeiras, Technical Sales Director for Central & South America at Tenaris.

With high back-off resistance and faster installation times, DesertDock™ connector has been engineered to ensure trouble-free makeup. Its visual makeup reference eliminates the need for torque-turn graphs and special equipment, significantly saving time at the rig. 

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