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Tenaris presents Rig Direct® at Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo

The Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo, the largest onshore event in Brazil, is taking place in Mossoró (RN) from November 26 to 28, together with the Potiguar Onshore Forum.

The event attracts more than 1,000 visitors and 80 companies, all with booths displaying samples of their products and services. This year, Tenaris is presenting solutions on casing, tubing, and sucker rods, with particular emphasis on the AlphaRod® series, and the Rig Direct® service model.

“We are living through a unique moment in the national onshore market and the increase in operators creates exciting new options for this segment.” said Roque Ivaldi, Tenaris’s Oil & Gas Commercial Director in Brazil.

The expo is part of the REATE 2020 program created by the Brazilian government to boost production of oil and natural gas in onshore fields as well as stimulate regional development and national competitiveness.

“The Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo is designed to open up discussions among producers, suppliers and the entire production chain,” added Ivaldi. “Being present allows us to interact with key customers and show our full range of products and the Rig Direct® service package.”

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