Thor™ 115 is now approved by ASME

Tenaris recently received an official recognition by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for Thor 115™ our new ferritic steel for advanced power plants.

Competitiveness in the power generation market is nowadays based on increasing efficiency and flexibility while reducing the environmental impact of operations. Innovative technologies and materials able to withstand high temperatures and elevated steam oxidation are required to face these challenges.

A global team at Tenaris began some years ago to study a new CREEP strength-enhanced ferritic material to meet new generation gas turbines to meet constructors’ needs.

“The recently obtained ASME approval represents the official recognition of our strong commitment to launching a new steel for the power generation market that can replace the traditional grade 91. This offers higher reliability to power plants and even can replace stainless steel in the more demanding applications, where a limitation on temperature is enforced by steam oxidation,” said Erick Escorza, Tenaris Industrial and Process Technology Director.

In particular, Thor™ 115 combines good steam oxidation resistance with long-term microstructural stability and CREEP strength, resulting suitable for HRSG construction up to 650 °C.

“Through the Thor™115 development Tenaris wants to set a new standard in the market,” said Mihai Muresan, Tenaris Power Generation Sales Manager. “Our commitment is to offer the best available option to customers for achieving top operational and environmental performance.”


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