Tenaris named 2017 Steel Sustainability Champion

Tenaris was named a 2017 Steel Sustainability Champion at the worldsteel board meeting in Mumbai, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable development.

The worldsteel recognition aims at encouraging steel companies to increase their efforts, set higher standards and make further progress in their sustainability programs and business practices.

Edwin Basson, Director General of worldsteel said, “As producers of steel, we know that a sustainable steel industry is crucial for the long-term health of our economy, our society and our planet. And every steel company has a responsibility to help achieve this. As an industry, we have made progress. But we need to do more and go further.”

Basson also remarked “Sustainability is a core business requirement, vital to a company’s continuing license to operate. An ethically and socially responsible approach can act as a competitive advantage for forward-thinking steel companies."

The other companies recognized include ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel Europe, Tata Steel Limited, Tenaris, Thyssenkrupp AG and Voestalpine AG.

Learn more about Tenaris’s commitment to sustainability.

Read the full news release from worldsteel.

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