Tenaris's corporate university launches new learning model

Tenaris’s corporate university, TenarisUniversity,  is transforming its traditional learning structure to an employee driven model - one that is customized by the employee, utilizing a new digital platform for training and career development.

Tenaris has partnered with the learning platform, Degreed, to further enhance its new university model which places employees at the helm of their professional development.

“We want to empower our employees to take direct control of their career training and growth,” said Rolando Lange, TenarisUniversity Senior Director.  “Beyond the digital tool, we are moving away from the standard role-based curriculas to offer more accessibility and flexibility through self-and-social learning.  Employees decide what competences they want to hone, when and how. It’s learning at their own pace.”

Through the platform, Tenaris specific courses are available as well as external content options, both online and in-classroom training, including access to a variety of videos, articles and other resources. It also offers the ability to track and measure one’s progress.   

TenarisUniversity is also adopting a social learning approach, encouraging colleagues to engage within the platform, share ideas and what they’re learning and how it may be relevant to others.

Employees create profiles, establish skills and topics of interest, can follow colleagues (or external experts) and access a streaming feed of content one can comment on, share or save for a later read.  Employees can also create groups, and follow colleagues’ activities and that of influencers while also growing their base of followers through active participation.

“This methodology evolves the traditional learning model to today’s social environment through increased interaction and engagement,” said Paola Mazzoleni, Tenaris Chief Human Resources Officer. “Employees have autonomy and accountability in defining and designing their development plan to reach their professional goals; they are investing in their future.”

TenarisUniversity will continue to guide employees with recommended training based on their respective roles in the company, as well as complement the new platform with its existing global programs for advanced learning.

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