Tenaris leads rig demo for major oil and gas customers in the Gulf of Mexico

Representatives from Tenaris held a rig demonstration for several major oil and gas customers in the Weatherford rig school located in Houston from October 28 to 30. The demonstration featured the Wedge 667® Dopeless® connection, the Wedge 624 connection, the Blue® Max® Dopeless® connection, and the BlueDock® connector, a large OD weld-on connector for deepwater and offshore applications.

“These rig demonstrations create amazing opportunities to engage with customers and it gives them a chance to see features that differentiate Tenaris from the competition,” said Brian Elliott, Technical Sales Director – US.

Customers were able to see BlueDock® connector and other connections perform first hand under conditions like intentional misalignment of the box and pin prior to stabbing, and over-doping of the connection during makeup.

“The most interesting part was seeing the makeup and breakout,” said a representative from the quality team of one of the major operators present. “I see a lot of things in the laboratory but it is always more interesting and realistic to see them in the real world.”

“This activity promotes face-to-face interactions where customers can experience our products in a rig environment,” said Nnamdi Aniekwena, Technical Sales Manager, Gulf of Mexico. “With the BlueDock® connector we demonstrated how to install the Anti Rotational Key (ARK), which only takes 10 seconds. This is a key feature of this connection.”

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