Canacol qualifies Tenaris as outstanding supplier

Canacol, an independent onshore natural gas exploration and production company in Colombia, has qualified Tenaris with one of the highest scores (98.7 out of 100) during an overall assessment that covered operational and commercial performance, as well as safety, quality, health, environment, working environment and social responsibility.

Canacol and Tenaris have been working together in Colombia since 2011. Tenaris started as a regular supplier of casing and tubing, until reaching a long-term agreement in 2015, also including well services. Tenaris is looking to expand its services offer with Canacol to cover vehicle geolocation and the use of the Rig Direct® Portal, a digital platform that streamlines product orders, electronically tracks shipments and deliveries, manages rig returns and provides customers with easy access to invoices.

Juan Lozano, Drilling Manager at Canacol, pointed out that Tenaris has been a strategic partner throughout the years and highlighted the company's flexibility and its ability to deliver on time.

"The quality of the products is very good, they have an excellent engineering group that supports pipe manufacturing, thread design, defining torques, maximum loads and other issues related to pipe engineering," said Lozano.

"Canacol’s evaluation shows the importance of building strong relationships with our customers through added-value services. Our commitment is to develop new solutions that allow our customers to optimize their operations," said José Martínez, Senior Sales Manager at Tenaris in Colombia.


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