Tenaris donates medical supplies and food in Colombia

As the communities surrounding Tenaris’s TuboCaribe facility in Colombia are becoming more susceptible to the spread of COVID-19, Tenaris is implementing a community-based plan to bolster medical institutions and reduce food insecurity.

Through the TenarisTuboCaribe Foundation, which was created to promote social and economic development in the surrounding community, the company has earmarked 275,000 USD to purchase ventilators and medical-grade personal protective equipment for local hospitals, and to provide food assistance to vulnerable families in neighboring communities.

Intensive care units at the Hospital Universitario del Caribe, one of the hospitals designated by Cartagena local authorities to care for patients affected by COVID-19, were reinforced with eight ventilators, four infusion pumps and ten vital signs monitors donated by Tenaris. Community health centers in Turbaco and Cartagena received face shields, surgical gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer.

“We decided to strengthen our ongoing social programs by partnering with local food banks to distribute food vouchers to over 1,600 families in Cartagena and Turbaco. Hopefully, this multi-vector approach will help us to overcome the crisis faster,” points out Roberto Varela, Human Resources Senior Director for the Andean Region.  

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